Monday, August 11, 2008

Strangers on a Twain

The electro-voices on the subway say "twain" instead of "train"...."The twain is now approaching"... now I have elucidated the title of this riveting blog post.

I vegetated Saturday watching tons of the US version of The Office (I'm at the end of season 2), so on Sunday I made myself get as far away from Bucheon as possible.

I hopped on the train to Seoul and heard three guys talking Mexican and I spoke with them in their madre (mother) tongue - from Guatemala... don't see many Hispanoids in Korea, and I'm still getting used to Koreans working at Mexican restaurants. Went to Hongdae and got nachos and a taco.

Then I went to the royal tombs which are at this pine forest and hills that are like 500 years old.

The contrast between forest and city is quite dramatic.

I was going to head home when I got a text from Miya so I trained down to meet her south of Seoul. On the train I talked with a teacher from England who said he was going to be a professional boxer when he was done teaching in Korea. He said when he came to Korea the school was angry that he was so much heavier than the photo he'd sent them. Can you imagine a US employer saying that? I asked him for his phone number when I left him on the train and he said he didn't have a phone (!). That's like social death in Korea - he gave me his email and I'll probably never email him.

Met Miya for drinks and dinner and I hadn't planned on contacting her again if she hadn't texted me. I'd only seen her once since I got back to Korea and it had felt like the chemistry was dead, but last night we seemed to click again. My general strategy these days is to see as many girls as possible and try to fuck them all. In the past several years I feel like I've been immunized against being in love. My friend Miguel said something to me once that I've thought about - he said that he would like to get married someday, but he's pretty sure the feeling always fades and that he'd probably cheat on the girl.

Today after work I was waiting for the bus and an Asian guy and girl said hello to me. I thought they were just practicing their English, but the guy was Chinese-American from L.A. "This is my girlfriend," he said.

She glared at him and yelled, "I'm your wife!"

He rolled his eyes.



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