Saturday, July 26, 2008

Itaewon & Gangnam

Today I went to Itaewon. I've only been there once before, when I first visited Korea in December. After spending most of my time in Bucheon, anytime I head into the big city I feel like I'm trippin balzac. It's like I've forgotten there are other people besides Koreans. Going to Itaewon, the foreigner neighborhood in Seoul, is even more overkill. It's an international slice, but a very biased slice. A lot of the people look military, and even the older white women - you know they're military wives.

Interspersed among the military (mainly whites and blacks) you find Indians. I saw some Indian restaurants that I've got to try. I'm starting to forget things like Indian food.

But then you walk a little off the beaten track and suddenly there's a fucking mosque! WTF? Nothing looks more out of place in Korea. Also some Russian restaurants and other shit. I found the English bookstore "What the Book?" and bought a used Bill Peet book for my classes: The Caboose Who Got Loose.

But before I went to Itaewon I was in Gangnam and got . . .

Mexican food! Fuck yeah!

I had trouble finding Dos Tacos at first. Then I asked a white guy and he and his girlfriend went there with me. He was a Canadian, she was Korean, and I love that us being English teachers is enough commonality to hang out in Korea. I feel like I lose my uniqueness when I venture into Seoul, but it's still fun. The burrito and horchata were quite good - I've had better, definitely, but it was pretty good considering the distance from Mexico.

I also bought Korean condoms today, banana flavored:

"Ausung is not only for you, but also for the one most care. Ausung goes along with your responsibility, love, and pleasure. For our beautiful sex."

Everywhere I see horrible English like this. Yes, and it also says "concoms" on the packaging. Hmm.

Right next to the condoms was a bottle of liquid that looked like lube. I bought it, but when I got home and smelled it I'm not so sure. It smells like lighter fluid or something. I don't think I want it near my genitalia until I have it translated.

After spending a few days locked up doing heavy writing, it was good to tutor this morning then get out of the house. I want to go to Seoul at least two or three times this week. I'll try to post pictures.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I was thinking of movies that would probably be made in the next few years. For superheroes I thought, "The Flash" - there's never been a good Flash movie made. And for remakes I thought, "The A-Team" - that's begging to be adapted to film.

Then I looked on imdb and, of course, they're both in production. We're at the point where everything is converted into every medium and remade and recycled until it's soylent green all the way down.

Thank God.

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Blogger John said...

If I ever see you attempt to make light of anything remotely affiliated with Mr. T at any point again (in the future), I'll head-butt you through the Internet screen.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Cutup said...

I pity the foo who pities the foo.

10:00 AM  

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