Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So Hot

It's been humid and hot. I can barely lift my fingers to press the keys.
I haven't been homesick at all in Korea. I don't think I will be. The time has flown and I'm always doing something social and meeting new people. I don't have a chance to care about the past.
By my calculations I'll make a fat payment on my student loan in a few weeks and have it paid off even earlier than I'd planned. Not paying rent is awesome.
I don't like the phrase "around the world" because it implies a starting point, an inside and an outside, as though you're outside of the womb when you're away from your "home" and things will not be as comfortable until you're back in that womb.
Today in the hall after lunch I saw eight boys with their hands and feet on the ground, each hunched over in the shape of an arch. The P.E. teacher was yelling at them, and as he walked along he punched each one in the back and the boys grunted. Not a light smack, mind you, but a distinct CHUD that I could easily hear 50 feet away. Day in the life of Korean corporal punishment.

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