Monday, June 30, 2008


For the second time since I've been in Korea (South) I went to a store that I'd been to before with a Korean friend as my guide, only to discover that I couldn't find the part of the store I wanted without my friend. When I go to a department store like Homeplus or E-mart there are clerks (usually young women in these hot skirts) in every aisle to guide you to merchandise and ensure you buy the most expensive stuff. However, their guidance is useless on me because they usually can't speak English.

Prices here are random crazy. Things like a bottle of honey will be $12 and a pair of Adidas that goes for $50 in the states will be $100... but then you can find other shit for hella cheap. You just can't predict it because it's usually not what you expect to be high or low. Overall it averages out and Korea's probably a little cheaper.

I realized today my entire existence in Korea has been forged by the internet. Everyone I've met here, my job, everything, would be vastly different without the WWW. Even the Koreans I know from America I met through craigslist apartment ads or posts for language partners.

And by the way, I should start studying Korean again.

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