Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life in a Sandwich

Oops, I messed up my layout. I'll fix it when I have time.

I'm still under the time-compression influence of being in a new place - amazed that it's only been two days since I arrived because so much has already been crammed in.

I live in Bucheon, which wikipedia says is sandwiched between Seoul and Incheon. My apartment is on the 11th floor and I like it. It feels so, so good to have my own place. My neighborhood is awesome! Within a thousand feet of the entrance of my building there are like 100 restaurants (really), a clothing mall, grocery store, a Seoul subway station, and lots of small parks.

Yesterday Daniel helped me find the school I'll be working at (starting next week). It's a very small public school, only about 300 students, junior high level. I showed up right before classes got out and was waiting in the teacher's lounge for the school principal to arrive. When classes got out I heard a ton of noise from the kids in the hall behind me and thought, "Damn, they're noisy kids!" But then I turned around and tons of them were pressed against the window looking in at me! I guess the school has been expecting me and these kids don't see a lot of foreigners. In fact, I don't think I've seen any non-Koreans since I left the Incheon airport.

As I was shown around the school the kids said hello, bowed to me, asked to shake my hand etc. I felt like something between a rockstar and an alien.

The school is very nice and Daniel says I made a very good choice.

Afterwards we went to E-mart (kind of like the Korean Wal-mart, but the store is even bigger) and bought a few things. Then we went to Incheon and had dinner with Daniel's parents and then I came home and passed out from jet lag.

I'll put up some pictures where I live and stuff when I fix my layout.

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