Thursday, June 12, 2008


I rose at an ungodly hour today to accompany my dad to Petaluma where he works and then I took Golden Gate Transit to San Francisco, got what I wanted then bused back to Petaluma where I had time to kill till my dad got off work. I walked around the countrified-industrial suburbs of Petaluma in ungodly heat looking for a park or somewhere to rest and find shade. No parks anywhere so I sat on a curb under a tree eating a bag of chips till I asked a city maintenance worker where a park could be found. He thought about it then said the nearest park was on the other side of town, on the other side of the river. Whatever that means.

I walked back to where the bus dropped me off and found a train station being remodeled and some shade and a seat where I waited for an hour and a half skipping through most of the horrible audiobooks on my ipod, sometimes losing hold on consciousness.

Finally it was time to meet dad at the liquor store as we'd planned. I stood near a tree in the parking lot. A few minutes later a smog-colored car pulled in and started heading towards me, pulling into a spot. I tried opening the passenger door but it was locked. Annoyed, I looked into the car at my dad only to discover it wasn't my dad, it wasn't my dad's car. D'oh. The driver looked at me like he expected me to pull out a gun or something (I didn't). After a minute when he realized I wasn't going to attack him he got out of the car. I said, "I'm half-awake," as if that was an explanation. He went into the liquor store.

Minute later my dad arrived. We drove back to Camp Meeker.

We got home and I bought a plane ticket for Wednesday.

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