Thursday, June 05, 2008

Louey Saves the Civil War

Starting to go stir crazy out here in Sherwood Forest. Living with parents is almost as bad as living with roommates. Anyway...

Possibly the last of my old writings saved before "the purge" - another anticlimactic relic from the 6th grade, this time with an apparently anorexic protagonist. I think I was into H.G. Wells and Arthur Conan Doyle at the time:


In the year 2062, there lived a man named Louey Jameston. He was a famous astronaut and scientist about the age of twenty-five. He lived during the second Civil War. The war was against high taxes. He was a well-known inventor of the Twenty-first Century. Louey was about six feet, eight inches tall and weighed about 130 pounds. He had fair skin and black hair. His voice was deep and he was very smart. Had he a beard? No, nor a mustache on his clean face.

One day he decided to visit his mother to see how she was doing. When he had reached the small house, he knocked on the door. No one answered. He got his key out of his pocket to open the door himself. He went straight to the dining room where she usually played cards with her friends. She wasn't there, but her friend Vivian was. She was knocked out and laying on the floor. When he woke her up she said, "Where's your mother? Oh yes, I remember."

"What happened?" he said.

"We were playing cards," she began stating, "when we heard the door open. We thought it was you so we remained calm. When I had just finished shuffling, two men came in. I yelled for help but they knocked me out before anyone came. They must have taken her for ransom or something."

"Maybe they left a note," he suggested.

They looked around until they finally gave up. On the way out Louey fell down. He noticed that there was a piece of paper under the table. He picked it up and it read:

Dear friends and relations of Mary Jameston,
We know you would like to see Mary again.
If you do, send her son,
Louey to Baskville Fort on
Sunday or you will never see her again.
The Weasel

He immediately drove his hover car to Baskville Fort and hovered about 300 feet above it. He smelled the gunpowder of the enemies' base. He used his X-ray vision beam to see if she was inside the fort. He hoped its hypnotic sound would not let the soldiers sense his presence.

He saw her inside the fort guarded by five men.

First he attached a stun gun to the front of the hover car so when he rammed into someone it would knock them out for about fifteen minutes. Next he lowered the hover car and shot a hole in the wall, just large enough for the hover car to fit into the fort.

He surprised two of them and stunned them. he would have stunned the other three but the car wouldn't start. The other three guards started firing their laser beams right away. One of them might have shot him, had he not ducked and put a bullet-proof bubble over the top of the hover car.

He then started the car and charged the three soldiers.

After he had taken his mom back home, he went back to his house and thought about other inventions to work on to help the Civil War.

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