Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Ask for Money (Photoacoustic Labyrintheering)

Just sold my dresser (the one I stole from Ikea back in the day) and two lamps. I was about to help the guy load it into his car when I realized he hadn't paid yet, so I used the perennial you need to pay me line: "Do you need change?"

One more day of work tomorrow! Woot!!!!!!111111111111111

Move out next Saturday (maybe even Thursday if I've received all my mail and sold all I gotta sell)!!!

I'm pretty ready to leave San Francisco. You want to hear something sad? I don't think I've left San Francisco (even to cross into Daly City, Marin, or Oakland) in 2008! That's not as bad as the guy in Sex and the City who hadn't left Manhattan in ten years... but still. The only SF neighborhoods I even like anymore are the Sunset and Richmond. The city's changed or I've changed, or both.

I don't feel particularly attached to anywhere now. I destroyed several thousand pages of my journals, artwork, comix, short stories, and a novel. Why? To move on. Sometimes I have to create to find out what I am, and sometimes I have to destroy to remember what I am not.


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