Thursday, May 29, 2008


Bedroom starting to look barebones. Couch: gone! Dresser: gone!

Babbling geezer came by to buy my printer. "I don't need the power cord," he said. "We got plenty of power cords at home."


Hour later he leaves a message on my phone. He needs the power cord. I delete his message and forget to call him back.

Tomorrow: SFO to meet my dad and stepmom. (This'll be my second time leaving the city this year [went to Berkeley on Monday])

Still waiting on a package at this address and I'm outta here Saturday. Arrive!

Have to deal with landlord before I leave to get my deposit. He says he needs to figure out utilities, and the thing is that I'm supposed to pay part of the utilities but I've
never paid utilities here. I won't be mad if he tries to keep the deposit, yet he can't get any more money out of me so I might as well have fun fighting for it.

Yes, the real dilemma is what to do with my sea monkeys. Release them INTO THE WILD of some moss-eaten pond in Golden Gate Park (will they live?) . . . or leave them at the mercy of my notoriously slovenly roommates? I can't make this kind of
Sophie's Choice decision.



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