Thursday, August 07, 2008

Technology Has Not Been my Friend

I took a blogging vacation with my real vacation and now that I'm back working I'll start blogging.

I started my summer program yesterday. I started making Powerpoints and had three great lessons planned. Took them to work and all the computers there have Powerpoint 2003. I had saved them in 2007 format. So I couldn't use them yesterday. Boo.

So today I saved them in 2003 format and took them in. I was also going to show part of a movie. There are TVs in every class. I connected the computer and used my powerpoint first. Hmm, the image seems to be...

Yes, it was off-center to the left. My words were cut off! Faaack!

I bugged the other teachers to see if they could fix it (the TV only spoke Korean) and they couldn't. Alright, so we tried a different classroom. Connected the computer and... the TV image was yellow! WTF??!! Well, at least it's centered, so we could just watch the movie through yellow sunglasses. I moved all the kids to that classroom, turned off the air conditioning in the other class and turned it on in this one.

Then I turned on the movie. NO SOUND.


At this point I was mad at the school for their idiot technology that was supposed to me all modern-y.

We just played games instead of watching the movie, but you can only play so much Hangman.

And then as I was writing this post I needed a phone number from my email and fucking yahoo apologized for the inconvenience of not being able to access my account for like fifteen minutes.

Technology has been revolting today.

Ah well, quit my bitching, I'm only working two hour days for the next few weeks.

This is the kind of post I would delete if I was posting more regularly.

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