Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Man, there are some crazy plane ticket prices right now. I was thinking about visiting the US at the end of the month (I'm not) and just looked and could get a round trip for $700. I also found a ticket from San Francisco to Ireland round trip this month for $380! I think people are cutting back on travel. I hope these prices hold out through the rest of the year when I'm actually traveling.

I feel my vacation taking its last gasp. I was in Seoul the other day and got a copy of David Copperfield to immerse myself in a 900-page Dickensian reality. Maybe it's my favorite Dickens book I've read. Tomorrow I'm bowling. I don't know what to make of Korea anymore. I think I've forgotten whatever I knew about teaching, it's been so long since I've had regular classes (mid December?). And I think my teaching quality has gotten progressively worse through the year. C'est la vie. After this I'm done working with kids. After this I won't ever do contract work, and even try to avoid housing leases for longer than six months. I just like to move on.

Did anyone see the 40-minute The Office the other day? I thought it was pretty good after some weak episodes, and found the pirated Jack Black movie especially creepy/awesome. Also found it funny they would watch a pirated movie in a major national sitcom.

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Blogger kev said...

Yep, I saw it; it was the first time I've seen the office in a while. You see, I don't have a T.V... because I'm a smarter than you.

So when do you plan on visiting S.F.? Ever? I only know you in two places: 1) San Francisco, and 2) Highway 101 between Santa Barbara and San Francisco. I cannot imagine ever visiting you in Farawayland; it would destroy my concept of Ninja Technology. You must return.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Cutup said...

Man, SF's so gay.

2:20 PM  

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