Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Homage to Catatonia

Christmas is my next vacation day, but then I have to work the day after Christmas. Can you believe it? I don't think I'll have classes, I just go in to the school for closing ceremonies (this is the end of the school year in Korea).

But then it gets good and I will remember why I picked a public school over a hagwon...
(Keep in mind, I already had over 3 weeks paid vacation in the summer)

December 27 - January 11 = NO WORK!!!
January 12-16 & January 19-23 = Work a two-hour winter class each day.
January 24 - February 8 = NO WORK!
February 9 - 17 = Be at school for meetings but no real classes.
February 18 - March 1 = I may have to go in a day or two for meetings, but essentially no work.

And then regular classes start again in March. The current 7th graders (300 of them because the school just opened this year) become 8th graders and we get 300 more 7th graders, doubling the number of students. And then I'll teach them for a little over 3 months and then my contract's up, and then...

Well, we'll see. I'm approaching the halfway point in my 12-month contract.

I haven't blogged much lately because in addition to teaching I'm spending time doing freelance work via America (via the internet), graphic design related, that pays real cash money (American dollar$), and I will say no more other than I would love to be self-employed. I like teaching and I like doing "alone-work" too and think I would go crazy if I just did one or the other, but if I'm gonna do them I want to set my own hours and not have to be somewhere because a clock says so. Maybe this will help me get there.

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