Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The IMAX Decade

I thought of a name for the first decade of the 21st century: The IMAX Decade.

Like IMAX, the 00's have been loud, violent, big-budget, and focused on explosions and special effects - all at the expense of a good plot (but you can ignore plot holes when you get the IMAX experience).

The 00's were suddenly more expensive... we were told it would be a better experience, but it actually made us kink our necks to see the whole picture.

As we left the theater we were surounded by children who were thrilled they got to see giant robots blow up dinosaurs. We'd never cared about these things before, but the kids seemed to find them important and wonderful.

I'm hoping the next decade will be less fascinated by bling and sensory terrorism, and more interested in cheezy lightning bolt energy going through its collective chest.

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Blogger Cutup said...

See what "Chinese Democracy" did to John Ulmer.

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