Monday, October 13, 2008

Back on Friday

My school loves to not tell me things. Yes, they told me I had a training, but they wouldn't tell me where until today. I thought it would just be in Seoul or Incheon and I'd commute every day. Turns out it's a few hours away and I have to stay at a hotel and share a room with two other teachers (ugh). Oh, and it's four days, not three. It's be nice to be in the loop. As the token foreigner at my school, I only get told what I need to know or ask about, and not even that sometimes. Boring training sure, but no classes till next Tuesday! Yesss. I'm not supposed to drink alcohol during my days at the training - who are they kidding with that malarkey?

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Blogger kev said...

Is the training in Engrish?

3:05 AM  

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