Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Horse Pill Entry

I'm still waiting for a Harold & Kumar 2 torrent that ain't no dud. There's a review on the imdb = positive! So I have expectations.


Stats on my ebay auctions:
20 of 34 have bids
Bids total: $144.44
Bids: 47
Highest bid: $60.55
Time left: 4 days

I think I'm gonna raise my estimate to about $600, maybe even $700.


Last night I watched Colbert Report for the first time in a while. I stopped watching after I attended a live taping last year. It seemed to lose its magic like Oz the man behind the curtain not so great and powerful. But it's still pretty funny. Last night the guest was Jesse Ventura, who couldn't keep up with Colbert's wit. The guest at the show I saw was Jeannette Walls. Her book The Glass Castle is still in the Amazon top 100 (one year later). I haven't read it.


Today I got a shipment from Vitacost. They're one of my favorite mail order companies. But in the shipment they accidentally omitted my shampoo and included a jar of Horse Chestnut Complex 700 mg pills. I called and told Vitacost and they're gonna send my shampoo and let me keep the horse pills no charge. I popped one half hour ago. It's supposed to improve my "circulation" (wink wink). *Are these made from horse*



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