Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ebay Hell

My 59 Ebay auctions are over, clocking in at $744.95. After fees and fees and fees I'll probably walk away with about $650, which is fine by me. But god, Ebay really gouges these days. They're like the Mafia of internet selling: yeah, they get results, but they take a cut when you put an item up, they take a fatter cut when it sells, and then they take another cut when you're paid through Paypal. Yet it's faster than craigslist and the only way to reach a national audience and sometimes people pay ridiculous prices for my crappy books.

Still waiting for some payments - as I'm writing this my largest payer just came through with $148 - still got plenty of shipping to do, and I may put up more auctions on Thursday (so they'll end Sunday night on a 10-day run).

After my parents brought all my crap up to San Francisco I realized I don't need it, I don't want it, and I'd rather turn it into money. All these pages and I get "book nausea" where I don't want to see any of it. I'm gonna seize on that before it goes away. I really like not having things. Plus it's one of the obstacles that's holding me back from moving on.

I even thought about burning all my old journals and homemade comics from my boyhood and teen years. Those are the most irreplaceable things I own.

I've decided to stay my hand for now and just store them at my dad's ... but maybe someday I'll have the balls to tear it all down.



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