Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shirt Hell

T-shirt sites I regularly check:

1. Woot
I've bought 4 Woot shirts so far. I only like about 1 in 30. If I do like the design then they often pick a lame color or do something else to make me say bleh.

They're nice hi-qual American Apparel shirts, and only $10 (or less sometimes) including shipping.

New items go up at 10 PM (west coast) every day. If you don't like their shirts you can enjoy their post-ironic humor:
This shirt was designed by: the two-person team of cheesesandwich and tomato soup. They might be the only lunch to ever design a shirt! Also their real names are Amanda and Wes Barker, but that’s not as cute, so we don’t care.

I also check out the daily gizmo deal.

2. Threadless
They don't offer free shipping and their shirts are a little pricier. However they're usually better designed. For some reason the men's shirts are Fruit of the Loom not American Apparel like Woot. Does anyone know how the Fruit of the Loom compare to A.A.? I haven't ordered a Threadless shirt yet. Right now they're having a sale but so much is sold out (for men's medium, anyway).

Threadless also gives you $1.50 credit if you submit a photo wearing one of their shirts
($15 if they really like the pic).

3. Uneetee
They've got a $10 deal a day like Woot but no free shipping. A nice mix of beautiful and vomitous clothing.

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