Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Two Things to Be Aware of

Neat post on yesterday's Boing Boing about millimeter wave scanners. They sort of undress you for one of those TSA agents - apparently they're being aimed at people not even going through the security line at the airport?? Here are the images from the TSA site:

But the wikipedia entry for Backscatter X-Ray, a related technology, has higher quality:

Whatever the quality level, I don't think most people are aware they're being so thoroughly undressed with scans like this, or that it might be affecting their health.

In unrelated news, while browsing the top 100 books on Amazon I found this gem:

And then looked into her and she runs some weird awesome money cult. You know anyone with "Supreme Master" in their name has to be good for you.

Three cheers for cults.

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